Ukusekela funding components and requirements

The Ukusekela programme provides funding under the following components

Component — I

 Please note that Component I will be accepting applications starting in May 2023.

Component — II

 Component II is open and accepting applications for funding.

Once off ad-hoc that is themed on the protection of Human Rights in South Africa. There are no geographic locations. This once off funding that is provided as and when required. Maximum value funding is R75K. AFSA guides the applicants through programme design. The implementation of these projects usually take a maximum period of 1 month as this is re-active funding to whatever human right violations that are taking place. 5 organisations are funded per financial year.

  1. Call for applications is put up on AFSA website on a quarterly basis where applications are received on live application process; these are then screened by the AFSA team then submitted to the Approvals Committee for their review
  2.  The successful organisations are engaged on programme design phase and compliance matters according to AFSA standards then funds are dispersed accordingly. This process takes a period of 1 month- implementation of the projects takes a maximum period of 1 month
  3. Thereafter the grantee is required to provide narrative and financial reports to AFSA and project is closed off

Component — II: additional resources

Component — II: online application for funding

Applicant details
Programme particulars
Group / Community and their circumstance
Funding requirements
Funding interventions
Additional documentation
Section I — Organisation & Applicant details
Upload file
Only the following file formats are accepted: PDF, JPG, PNG.
As allocated by the Non-Profit Directorate of the DSD.
As issued by SARS.
As issued by SARS.
Particulars of the individual completing the application
Your name and surname.
Your designated role within the organisation you are representing.

Section II — Programme particulars
Please provide a brief description of what your programme hopes to achieve. The information you provide here will also need to be provided in the supplied Work plan template to meet eligibility criterion for Component II funding
Section III — Group / Community and their circumstance

Please provide as much detail as possible when explaining how the situation came to be.
What capacity do you have to successfully carry them out?
Please list three (3) activities you / your organisation have carried out in an effort to protect Human Rights.

Please provide both start and ending dates of the projects; as well as the duration of the work.
Upload Work Plan Template
Please confirm the information supplied in this document is accurate and correct. It directly effects your organisation's eligibility for Component II funding.
Section IV — Funding requirements
Upload budget breakdown
Please note your budget should include the anticipated expenditure by category of expense as well as other income which will be available.
Upload quotations
Section V — Interventions
Details of chosen individual recipient from the community / group in need of aid

Section VI — Declaration
Upload letter of declaration
Please note your letter must be sworn in front of, and signed by, a commissioner of oaths confirming the above information.
Section VII — Additional attachments
Upload file
Please use the following label for the uploaded document: Letter of support — 1
Upload file
Please use the following label for the uploaded document: Letter of support — 2
Upload file
Please use the following label for the uploaded document: Letter of support from the community gatekeeper
Upload file
Please use the following label for the uploaded document: Organisation’s approved constitution
Upload file
Please use the following label for the uploaded document: Non-Profit Directorate compliance letter issued by the DSD
Upload supporting documentation
Upload any other documents that you feel will strengthen your application. Limited to 10 uploads.

During the applications process, applicants must note the TOR and exclusion list as that is what is used as a fundamental screening tool and submitting the required supporting documentations places the applicant at an advantage for both components.

The following support is offered throughout the funding cycle

Programme Design

Capacity Building


Lobbying & Advocacy

Increased Footprint

Frequently Asked Questions

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