Due Diligence & Site Visits

Below are a handful of images taken at some of the sites Ukusekela representatives visited in an effort to create a shortlist of organisations who applied for assistance. This shortlist would later be used to decide which of the visited organisations required intervention, guidance or support.

Unfortunately not all of organisations that were visited were enabled by the Small Projects Support Fund.

Our latest work

Below are images taken at various community events where our goals were to educate, inspire and uplift the youth, young adults as well as the elderly.

Ukusekela Close out Event

On the 14th and 15th February 2022 the Ukusekela Small Projects and Support Fund (SPSF) held a close out learning and sharing event to wrap up its pilot phase that had been initiated in April 2019 and will end March 2022. 28 Ukusekela sub recipients who implemented different themed projects in 3 provinces. The Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Kwa-Zulu Natal were part of this event and there were lots of learnings, best practices and strategic alliances that were formed amongst the sub recipients.

Ukusekela was honored to be joined by AFSA team and management, Approvals Committee (who had served on the programme on a voluntary basis since its initiation), Bread for World - BftW (Ukusekela’s back donor) and Ziyo (Country Coordinating Mechanism for BftW-CCM) who were also able to reflect on the accompaniment and journey of the sub recipients who had worked tirelessly to serve their communities through their self-initiated projects.

The kick start funding that was provided to the sub recipients has enabled that they attract other donors in order to sustain their operations beyond the funding term, instill hope and sense of dignity within their communities whilst building social cohesion.

Previous projects

Since the start of the programme, Ukusekela has supported and worked with unique change-makers spread in the 3 South African provinces. These are some of the engagements that we got to experience at community level

As tall as Mount Everest. As quiet as a lamb. As unending as power in the hands of the African leader.

—Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu