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The Ukusekela SPSF aims to empower communities to act and participate in their own development through actions that are designed, implemented and owned by the communities themselves. It will target grass-root initiatives that are known in their communities; at least 25% of the funded initiatives will be female led so as to address gender inequalities and drive female empowerment. The SPSF will run for 3 years-2019-2022.


Empowering communities

The Ukusekela SPSF has two key tenets: Component 1 and Component 2 that support is offered on. It works with small local grass-root initiatives who are primarily concerned with improving the lives of the marginalised in their localities through social justice and women empowerment activities.


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Whether you're a small organisation looking for funding, or your community is taking strides to uplift it's residents, get in touch with the SPSF and let's strengthen our communities together.


Sizakale Tshabalala

Shechem Organisation

Ukusekela (through AFSA) reduced the load of worrying about monthly rental, nutritional meals provision and stipend. We were able to breathe and that allowed us to concentrate more on providing our beneficiaries with educational skills. The staff moral increased because of stipend they we getting. We were able to acquire educational equipment, learning materials, educational toys and kitchen utensils. Children were provided with uniforms and girls received sanitary pads. Importantly the outdoor signage made us visible more people from the community would walk in and inquire about our services.

Dorris Nyambi

Ithubalethu Old Age Home

Ukusekela (through AFSA) provide much needed mentoring and financial support which enabled us to service our beneficiaries better. We were capacitated in Oganisational Development and Financial management which helped manage our administration and services better. Our beneficiaries were provided with better nutrition daily, their lifestyle was also improved through physical exercise and they were taught to read and write. Signing their documents instead of using a thumbprint was a great milestone for them and us. Ukusekela (through AFSA) helped us acquire a new kitchen set to prepare our meals, gave the elderly warm blankets in winter and restored hope of being valued in society. Their quality of life improved due to having a functional centre to spend time together was valuable to them. The on-going capacity building workshops helped us as individuals to make us see we can still achieve better in life.

Happiness Khoza

Sabie & Kruger Eco Club

It has greatly uplifted the project and given so much hope to the beneficiaries, members of the project and to the community as whole. Some of our beneficiaries were school children so they have also gained so much knowledge and skills through the tasks and activities we were doing with them in partnership with Ukusekela (through AFSA) Foundation. Our project is now recognized and known because of them you, and it will be the great pleasure if we were to be given an opportunity to work with you again in future we are genuinely grateful.

Andile Nombebe

Lixhase 301 Piggery Project

We are breathing today because of Ukusekela (through AFSA). The Ukusekela team from Durban took us from total collapse and despair to what you see today. Ukusekela, Sne, Vuyo and Ayanda were extremely patient with us. We have learnt everything we needed to get this business up and running again.

Mama Zodwa

Umsebenzi Omuhle

The trainings helped us to set up a lot of things administratively such as contracts and agreements that were not in place previously. They have now been formalised within the organisation.

Ukusekela — support the weak, build their strength whilst you journey with them as they lean on you.

—Zulu Proverb